March 2013 - Gateway Therapies

Food and Fussy Kids

Kids can be fussy eaters, but some kids more so than others. ¬†While many do ‘grow out of it’, others do not, and need help to overcome their food aversion and expand their diet. Why do kids refuse food? There may be one reason or many reasons. Many kids, and indeed many adults have foods

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A gripping story

A common request from parents is for assessment of their child’s pencil grasp. From a very early age, most children show an interest in scribbling with crayons, biros they’ve found lying around, and lipstick tubes! As a child’s pencil control improves, they are able to start drawing recognisable shapes and at around school age, are

Mar 29, 2013 / by Nicole Grant / 2 Comments

Three Little Words

As the end of the school year drew to a close, I found that my school aged clients were getting a little bit impatient, frustrated and less cooperative. I think it was a combination of fatigue, burn out, and anticipation of the holidays and Christmas. One particular client, a boy with Cerebral Palsy, flatly refused

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