January 2014 - Gateway Therapies

Handy Mobile Apps for Kids and Mums

A guest post by Allen Riddoch from App Heroes A mother’s life is full of activities with her kids around. There are moments when she finds it difficult to manage everything. Luckily, there are some handy apps for both kids and Mums.   Ruckus Reader Ruckus Reader is an amazing app for a mother to keep

Jan 21, 2014 / by Nicole Grant / 1 Comment

Social Skills Therapy Groups – How do they work?

Who are they for? Social Skills groups  target kids who have difficulty mixing with other kids. They may show aggressive behaviour, such as hitting or biting, which can often be caused by a lack of other effective means of communication. Kids who are shy or awkward in group settings can benefit, as well as kids

Jan 15, 2014 / by Nicole Grant / 2 Comments