April 2015 - Gateway Therapies

10 reasons to join us on 16 May for our tOileT training seminar

Note the capital O and T in tOileT? That’s because our OT’s are awesome at helping Brisbane families make toilet training easy! On 16 May 2015, two of our most experienced therapists are running a 1 hour seminar for parents to help them prepare for the tricky task of toilet training. Here’s 10 reasons why

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We accidentally had a technology free day…

Mums are constantly bombarded with information about how much television their kids should be watching, how much time they should be spending on the iPad, and how much time they should be playing computer games. The information out there is confusing and sometimes frightening. Researchers are telling us that kids under two should not be

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What typically goes on in an occupational therapy session for a child with autism? A case study

By Occupational Therapist, Siddhi Rawat Early Intervention is Crucial With increased awareness and availability of advanced assessment tools, we are able to identify deviance from normal development at a very early age. Early detection of autism means that a child can access early intervention services that aim to improve all aspects of development. With specific

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Autism Spectrum Disorders And The Role Of Speech Therapy

April is Autism Awareness Month, and we are taking this opportunity to share with you information and advice on all matters related to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Vince from Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic has kindly offered to share with us his thoughts on the role of Speech Therapy in helping children with autism. AUTISM is a developmental

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