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Kids Chairs. How to select the best one for your child.

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Guest post.  Kids Chairs. Your child is growing and now at the age where they are sitting to draw, play and possibly starting to write. You are thinking that it would be valuable for their health to invest in a chair that supports their physical needs and their learning goals. Like most parents you are also looking for

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Getting the most out of your therapist

Engaging a therapist can be a hugely overwhelming experience for families. You’ve identified a need, or have been referred by a trusted professional, but the process involved in actually engaging a therapist can be quite daunting. There are many important things to consider, such as: 1. What are the therapist’s qualifications and training specific to my child’s needs?

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My child doesn’t like writing or drawing! What do I do?

Image Credit: Acorn Ergonomics By Occupational Therapist, Siddhi Rawat   Is your child thinking ”Writing? So boring mum!” Are you thinking “How should I make him write?” Many children do not enjoy writing or drawing. Many parents wonder why! Here’s a couple of things to remember. Holding a pencil is not always easy To hold a pencil

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Super Spaces for Superheroes

GUEST POST Tips on creating adjustable kids spaces. Superhero headquarters are more than just a place to store toys and clothes, sleep and make mess. After a tough day fighting crime it’s where kids can be kids, free to rest, create, learn, play, make friendships and plan the next heroic battle. Superspaces may be in

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Abbey Medieval Festival – a great day out for Brisbane kids and families

If you’re looking for a great day out for the family that is different from anything you’ve ever experienced before, then you must consider the Abbey Medieval Festival.  Save the Date: 11 and 12 July, 2015 The festival is an annual event, hosted by the Abbey Museum, situated in Caboolture just 40 minutes north of

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Why doesn’t my child like birthday parties??

Guest post by creators of Ben’s School Daze – Magnetic Moves  Birthday parties, why not all children love them Birthday parties can be an exciting time and create wonderful memories for children, the excitement of seeing their friends, fun games to play, yummy food to eat, and of course opening presents and singing happy birthday.  So why

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Kids Furniture: 11 Essential Tips for Good Posture

Guest post by Angela Forbes, Occupational Therapist and Ergonomic Consultant at Acorn Ergonomics.   Spend some time in most offices and you will see ergonomic furniture and fittings helping adults go about their day with good posture, better health and productivity. Why? Employers understand the cost benefits of reduced absenteeism, injury related claims and improvements in productivity with

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Ben’s School Daze Competition


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Top 5 School Strategies for Sensory Kids

Many kids with sensory processing difficulties, especially those on the autism spectrum, can struggle through the school day. By the time they get home, they can be exhausted, very anxious, and prone to meltdowns. It’s not fun for them or their family! We are very lucky to have Robyn Sims from Magnetic Moves to tell

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10 reasons to join us on 16 May for our tOileT training seminar

Note the capital O and T in tOileT? That’s because our OT’s are awesome at helping Brisbane families make toilet training easy! On 16 May 2015, two of our most experienced therapists are running a 1 hour seminar for parents to help them prepare for the tricky task of toilet training. Here’s 10 reasons why

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