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Guest post from Powered Life: How to kid-proof your mobile phone and iPad

Thank you Pia from Powered Life for this very helpful article on kid-proofing your mobile phone and iPad. Scroll down to view the special offers Powered Life have made available to friends of Gateway Therapies. How to kid-proof your mobile phone and iPad As busy parents, we know more than most people how helpful are

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The Secret Agent Society – Help for kids who have trouble making friends

While there are many different autism interventions on offer, not many have good research evidence supporting their use. This means that parents could potentially be trialling treatment options that will have little or no benefit, but cost a great deal of time and money. The emotional costs of failed treatment are immeasurable. There is also

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Therapy at Home: iPad Apps!

EXCITING NEWS! We’ve had the opportunity to work with a new developer and now have our very own range of apps! They are designed for use by therapists and parents alike, to help develop skills in the areas of fine motor development and visual processing. The five GT Colour apps in this series are designed

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Therapy at Home: Pasta Threading

Coloured pasta is fun to work with and great for threading practice. You will need:  Penne pasta Food dye string   I coloured the pasta by adding a few squirts of the dye to a bowl and adding a dash of water. Mix around. To dry the pasta, I used paper towel to soak up

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Therapy at Home: Fishing

Magnetic fishing games are great for working on social skills (turning taking, sharing), receptive and verbal communication, as well as hand eye coordination. The wooden pieces that often come with these games do not survive well if submerged, limiting the opportunity to incorporate water into the play session. The activity below demonstrates how to make

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Handwriting Screening

We recently published a blog post about handwriting as we are often contacted by parents with concerns about this area of their child’s development. We regularly undertake handwriting assessments for kids who are in Prep and Year One. Gateway Therapies’ mobile Occupational Therapists are offering handwriting screens to Brisbane families residing in the Strathpine region for

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Food and Fussy Kids

Kids can be fussy eaters, but some kids more so than others.  While many do ‘grow out of it’, others do not, and need help to overcome their food aversion and expand their diet. Why do kids refuse food? There may be one reason or many reasons. Many kids, and indeed many adults have foods

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A gripping story

A common request from parents is for assessment of their child’s pencil grasp. From a very early age, most children show an interest in scribbling with crayons, biros they’ve found lying around, and lipstick tubes! As a child’s pencil control improves, they are able to start drawing recognisable shapes and at around school age, are

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Three Little Words

As the end of the school year drew to a close, I found that my school aged clients were getting a little bit impatient, frustrated and less cooperative. I think it was a combination of fatigue, burn out, and anticipation of the holidays and Christmas. One particular client, a boy with Cerebral Palsy, flatly refused

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Do you need a diagnosis?

At Gateway Therapies, we often receive requests to assess for delays with development or dysfunction in the areas of sensory processing, fine and gross motor development, attention/ concentration and other areas of function. One of the questions frequently asked by parents, particularly when obvious issues become apparent, is – what do you think it is?

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