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Kids with sensory issues: Tips on haircuts

Laura Haircut

GUEST POST by Paula Schaumberg. You can only avoid getting your child’s hair cut for so long. Eventually though, it won’t be pretty! In fact it could become messy, oily, knotty, dry or unhealthy. You might also have a special occasion coming up like a wedding or family photo shoot, and want your child to

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What typically goes on in an occupational therapy session for a child with autism? A case study

By Occupational Therapist, Siddhi Rawat Early Intervention is Crucial With increased awareness and availability of advanced assessment tools, we are able to identify deviance from normal development at a very early age. Early detection of autism means that a child can access early intervention services that aim to improve all aspects of development. With specific

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Two (2) Easy ways to Light It Up Blue with a torch

On the 2nd  of April, Gateway Therapies will ‘Light It Up Blue’ as part of a global campaign to build community awareness about Autism. The number of children being diagnosed with autism each year in Australia is difficult to predict, however it is thought that around 1 out of every 160 kids in Australia has an autism

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Social Skills Therapy Groups – How do they work?

Who are they for? Social Skills groups  target kids who have difficulty mixing with other kids. They may show aggressive behaviour, such as hitting or biting, which can often be caused by a lack of other effective means of communication. Kids who are shy or awkward in group settings can benefit, as well as kids

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Handwriting Screening

We recently published a blog post about handwriting as we are often contacted by parents with concerns about this area of their child’s development. We regularly undertake handwriting assessments for kids who are in Prep and Year One. Gateway Therapies’ mobile Occupational Therapists are offering handwriting screens to Brisbane families residing in the Strathpine region for

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Do you need a diagnosis?

At Gateway Therapies, we often receive requests to assess for delays with development or dysfunction in the areas of sensory processing, fine and gross motor development, attention/ concentration and other areas of function. One of the questions frequently asked by parents, particularly when obvious issues become apparent, is – what do you think it is?

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