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Learning to write your name: Pre-school Name Activities and Tip

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Learning to write your name: Fun activities and tips by Krystal Warburton, from Sweet Elephants (retailers of exceptional educational games for kids) Learning to write your name deepens ones sense of identity and kids naturally love to learn how to write and spell their names. So, how do we jump aboard their enthusiasm train to help them? Firstly,

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The Cool Cats CLEVER Club


The Cool Cats CLEVER Club is a pre-prep and early years program for 4 – 6 year olds to help with literacy, numeracy, fine motor skills (including handwriting) and other skills necessary for a great start to the school year. The program aims to: Improve confidence Develop age appropriate attention and concentration skills Learn how to sit

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My child doesn’t like writing or drawing! What do I do?

Image Credit: Acorn Ergonomics By Occupational Therapist, Siddhi Rawat   Is your child thinking ”Writing? So boring mum!” Are you thinking “How should I make him write?” Many children do not enjoy writing or drawing. Many parents wonder why! Here’s a couple of things to remember. Holding a pencil is not always easy To hold a pencil

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Handwriting Screening

We recently published a blog post about handwriting as we are often contacted by parents with concerns about this area of their child’s development. We regularly undertake handwriting assessments for kids who are in Prep and Year One. Gateway Therapies’ mobile Occupational Therapists are offering handwriting screens to Brisbane families residing in the Strathpine region for

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A gripping story

A common request from parents is for assessment of their child’s pencil grasp. From a very early age, most children show an interest in scribbling with crayons, biros they’ve found lying around, and lipstick tubes! As a child’s pencil control improves, they are able to start drawing recognisable shapes and at around school age, are

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