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Cutting Edge Dental Tool Inadvertently Helps Kids With Autism

When the mother of Mr 11 took him to the dentist, the answer was always the same – if he didn’t do something to improve his dental hygiene, he risked losing multiple teeth. Mr 11 (who wishes to remain anonymous) has moderate autism which results in a big aversion to oral care. His mother faces

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First pair of shoes

In paediatric therapy, we are often in the privileged position of supporting parents through their child’s different milestones. These milestones are frequent and many in the early years, and as parents, we are often not as prepared as we had hoped to be. One of these exciting milestones is learning to walk. While we wait

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Story Stones by Finlee and Me

As an occupational therapist and a mum, I am always searching for games and activities that develop specific skills and prepare kids for school-life and beyond. When I came across the story stones idea and found that Finlee and Me stocked them, I was overjoyed. There are so many ways I can use the Story

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