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Changing Your Career After a Major Injury

Guest Blog Post by Upskilled An injury that is severe enough to prevent you from being able to continue with your career can be devastating, leading to a radical change to your life and your future. The negative issues that arise in respect of work following a major injury not only stem from the fact

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Cutting Edge Dental Tool Inadvertently Helps Kids With Autism

When the mother of Mr 11 took him to the dentist, the answer was always the same – if he didn’t do something to improve his dental hygiene, he risked losing multiple teeth. Mr 11 (who wishes to remain anonymous) has moderate autism which results in a big aversion to oral care. His mother faces

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Learning to write your name: Pre-school Name Activities and Tip

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Learning to write your name: Fun activities and tips by Krystal Warburton, from Sweet Elephants (retailers of exceptional educational games for kids) Learning to write your name deepens ones sense of identity and kids naturally love to learn how to write and spell their names. So, how do we jump aboard their enthusiasm train to help them? Firstly,

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Protected: Cool Cats Club for children with ASD

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Kids with sensory issues: Tips on haircuts

Laura Haircut

GUEST POST by Paula Schaumberg. You can only avoid getting your child’s hair cut for so long. Eventually though, it won’t be pretty! In fact it could become messy, oily, knotty, dry or unhealthy. You might also have a special occasion coming up like a wedding or family photo shoot, and want your child to

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Kids Chairs. How to select the best one for your child.

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Guest post.  Kids Chairs. Your child is growing and now at the age where they are sitting to draw, play and possibly starting to write. You are thinking that it would be valuable for their health to invest in a chair that supports their physical needs and their learning goals. Like most parents you are also looking for

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My child doesn’t like writing or drawing! What do I do?

Image Credit: Acorn Ergonomics By Occupational Therapist, Siddhi Rawat   Is your child thinking ”Writing? So boring mum!” Are you thinking “How should I make him write?” Many children do not enjoy writing or drawing. Many parents wonder why! Here’s a couple of things to remember. Holding a pencil is not always easy To hold a pencil

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Why doesn’t my child like birthday parties??

Guest post by creators of Ben’s School Daze – Magnetic Moves  Birthday parties, why not all children love them Birthday parties can be an exciting time and create wonderful memories for children, the excitement of seeing their friends, fun games to play, yummy food to eat, and of course opening presents and singing happy birthday.  So why

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Kids Furniture: 11 Essential Tips for Good Posture

Guest post by Angela Forbes, Occupational Therapist and Ergonomic Consultant at Acorn Ergonomics.   Spend some time in most offices and you will see ergonomic furniture and fittings helping adults go about their day with good posture, better health and productivity. Why? Employers understand the cost benefits of reduced absenteeism, injury related claims and improvements in productivity with

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Ben’s School Daze Competition


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